Casino war is absolutely the simplest casino game out there but it doesn’t make it any less interesting. The objective of casino war is to beat the dealer. The game is really not complicated: you the dealer receive a card the highest card wins. Rules of the games are as follows:
There are two betting pockets, one for beating one for ties.
Once you make a bet the game starts. You the dealer receive one card each. The cards are then compared the highest card wins. Cards are valued as usual, e.g. from 2 to ace. If you win, the beating bet wins pays out 1 to 1.
If the cards are equal you have a tie bet it wins 10 to 1. Otherwise, you have two options: surrender or go to war.
Surrender will cost you half of your bet. The game will end.
Go to war is an option where you have to raise your wager by the amount of origina wager. When you go to war you place a bet equal to the original one. The dealer then burns three cards deals one to you one for himself. If you win, the original bet is returned the raise wins one to one. Otherwise you lose all bets.

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